Best Decking Material

HDPE vs. Wood: What is the Best Decking Material?

Before you decide between HDPE lumber and wood, you should first understand the nature of the job you want these two materials to fulfill. Decking materials spend most of their time outdoors, which means that they need to be resistant to heat, moisture, and harsh weather. HDPE and wood possess such durable quality to some extent, but what makes one material better than the other? This is when you need to delve into the specifics.

Wood is a natural and versatile material that is quite easy to obtain. Depending on the type of tree from which it was harvested, wood can boast excellent strength and durability over other decking materials. What’s more, wood also has a unique, rustic appeal that makes it an attractive choice to many people. Unfortunately, wood requires periodic sealing to prevent water damage and to ward off harmful pests like termites.

On the other hand, HDPE, or High Density Polyethylene, is a synthetic material that is designed to be as robust and maintenance-free as possible. This gives it longevity that can go beyond the service life of wood. Depending on the manufacturer, HDPE can come in various designs and colors, allowing it to cater to the tastes and styles of more people. That said, HDPE is more expensive and may require stress checks from time to time.