Using Plastic Lumber on Outdoor Construction Projects for the Home

Add living spaces outside your home by building a gazebo or a pergola, which would be perfect for mini-gatherings. A wide array of plastic wood styles and colors awaits you, giving you more flexibility in design and construction.

If gazebos are not plausible, expand your living space through a roof deck. Make sure to use plastic decking materials from brands like Evolve, as distributed by reputable suppliers like Premier Building Supply, Co. You may also ask these companies for help in designing your deck, to optimize the beauty, versatility, and durability of plastic lumber.


Construction Using Recyclable Plastic Lumber Can Help Reduce Logging

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wood, or plastic wood, is composed mostly of recycled plastic from waste products such as jugs and bottles. These are re-manufactured into synthetic wood that looks very much like real one, and can be used in similar applications as its natural counterpart.

In an article for, freelance architecture writer Murrye Bernard contributed some information on the advantages of using plastic wood over the natural variety.

Top Plastic Lumber Provider Offers Construction Consulting Service

Leading plastic lumber supplier Premier Building Supply, Co. is now offering a construction consulting service. This focuses on providing professional assistance to customers, including do-it-yourselfers (DIYers), in both the planning and construction processes.

The company particularly aims to ease the intimidating process of choosing and working with new building materials. The consultation is a venue for Premier Building Supply, Co. to entertain questions a customer may have, and to teach the tricks that can make working with plastic products easier.

Building Your Own Private Dock

If you enjoy the sea and have a nice boat to boot, you will eventually want to consider building a dock on the coast for convenience. You may see it as a chance to not pay rental and service fees at the marina if you are committed to maintaining the vessel. Still, there are a number of pitfalls you need to hurdle to ensure that the dock you build is sturdy and handles your kind of water craft.

First, you need to have an extensive raft of documentation to properly keep track of the project as it takes shape. The papers include diagrams of the project, separate lists for the budget, materials, and tools, and a projected completion time, as well as compliance documents with the authorities. A consultation with a reputable contractor will help put things in order for you, as well as iron out discrepancies you may have overlooked.

Wood is a common material in dock construction, but the wrong kind of wood will render it at the mercy of the elements. However, HDPE lumber products are emerging as suitable alternatives for dock materials. If built to well above regulations, your own HDPE lumber dock will become a good place to spend some private time while taking the opportunity to breathe cool ocean air.