Using Plastic Lumber on Outdoor Construction Projects for the Home

Add living spaces outside your home by building a gazebo or a pergola, which would be perfect for mini-gatherings. A wide array of plastic wood styles and colors awaits you, giving you more flexibility in design and construction.

If gazebos are not plausible, expand your living space through a roof deck. Make sure to use plastic decking materials from brands like Evolve, as distributed by reputable suppliers like Premier Building Supply, Co. You may also ask these companies for help in designing your deck, to optimize the beauty, versatility, and durability of plastic lumber.


Construction Using Recyclable Plastic Lumber Can Help Reduce Logging

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wood, or plastic wood, is composed mostly of recycled plastic from waste products such as jugs and bottles. These are re-manufactured into synthetic wood that looks very much like real one, and can be used in similar applications as its natural counterpart.

In an article for, freelance architecture writer Murrye Bernard contributed some information on the advantages of using plastic wood over the natural variety.

Fantastic Plastic: Why Modern Homes Should be Built with HDPE Lumber

HDPE is made from ethylene (a base plastic) using a catalytic process. The high pressures that the material is subjected to gives HDPE a temperature resistance of about 120°C or 248°F, and a tensile strength of 4550 psi, making it weatherproof and highly durable.

Its composition also makes HDPE lumber resistant to rotting, fading, or cracking, which are the tendencies of natural wood. All these maintenance-free properties make durable HDPE lumber ideal for outdoor use, particularly decking. In fact, given its strength and its green qualities, it’s plausible that HDPE and other plastics would replace much of the wood, brick, and stone materials for homes in the future.

Top Plastic Lumber Provider Offers Construction Consulting Service

Leading plastic lumber supplier Premier Building Supply, Co. is now offering a construction consulting service. This focuses on providing professional assistance to customers, including do-it-yourselfers (DIYers), in both the planning and construction processes.

The company particularly aims to ease the intimidating process of choosing and working with new building materials. The consultation is a venue for Premier Building Supply, Co. to entertain questions a customer may have, and to teach the tricks that can make working with plastic products easier.

Tips on Caring for Composite Decking

Wood decks remain stylish and elegant additions to homes, just as they have over the years. Today, though, you can still have the beauty of wooden decking without having to keep up with the high maintenance needs of the material by using composite or plastic wood. Nevertheless, plastic lumber still requires some amount of care and attention to truly last a lifetime.

Sweep and Wash

Regularly sweep leaves, twigs, animal droppings and other debris off your deck (you might want to use a leaf blower if the debris is piling up high). Then, use a garden hose to rinse it efficiently, making sure you don’t allow puddles to form and become stagnant. Over time, water puddles can and will ruin your decking.

Equipment Cleaning

Hire a pressure washing company who can get rid of any paint or grease stains on your decking. While you can rent your own pressure washer, you might not be able to control the equipment enough to keep from damaging the composite or plastic wood.

Removable Stains

When the stains aren’t bad enough to warrant power washing, you could do it yourself by following a few standard cleaning measures. For instance, when it comes to wine or berry stains, mix a ¼ cup of bleach in a cup of warm water and apply to the stained area using a soft bristled brush.